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Dynamic Fitness High Performance Kinesiology was founded in 2005 by performance enhancement specialists Brian Richardson and Kevin Duenas. Understanding the importance of valid science along with correct and efficient program design, the dynamic fitness training system allows the client to garner safe and effective results. Whether the goal is to enhance sports performance, post-rehabilitation, youth fitness, or general fitness, Dynamic Fitness High Performance Kinesiology will undoubtedly create an environment that ensures a successful journey through human movement science.      

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Dynamic Fitness is excited to inform you of the long-awaited introduction of our iMETT VO2 analyzing system . How can this help? NO MORE BRAINLESS CARDIO SESSIONS!!! We've all seen the Gatorade commercials of the athlete swiftly running on a treadmill, breathing thru an oxygen mask- that my friends, is a VO2 test which is an essential piece to anyone's exercise program.

So, whether you are trying to decrease body fat levels, become more aerobically efficient or attain optimum levels of peak performance for professional athletics, the iMETT VO2 system will undoubtedly assist each and every one of you with working towards maximum and attainable results! Contact Brian or Kevin to set up an appointment.           LEARN MORE

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