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I have been training at Dynamic Fitness HPK for over the span of 4 years now. The reason I started a training program there is because I tore my MCL and strained my ACL. A friend referred me to Kevin Duenas saying " He'll get you right". The first day I stepped into the facility he had me do a few tests and by the end of that he named off things I need to work on to get stronger and get my body technically sound. From the start I believed in the process he said he'll take me through. Dynamic Fitness HPK helped me focus on being explosive, technically correct in movements, and making my muscles more flexible and durable. To this day, when ever I come back home I always go there to train because if I have any doubt in what I do or need help with anything I know the DF team is always there to get me physically and mentally prepared.

Damion Marshall
UCLA Track & Field


As a professional golfer, there is always something to improve upon. In working with Kevin at Dynamic Fitness HPK, he was able to quickly assess weaknesses, imbalances, and areas of improvement from a gold standpoint. He easily pinpointed tendencies that I have in my swing just based on our first assessment and developed a workout program based on the findings. I saw immediate feedback in my performance on the golf course, especially in posture and flexibility. As we continue to work together, I am seeing more consistency in my game as well as more explosiveness and strength. Kevin and the Dynamic Fitness HPK staff are not only extremely knowledgeable, they make my workouts a lot of fun and enjoyable! I am so happy with the results I have seen on and off the course, and I am excited to see our progress together moving forward.

Kaitlin Coons
LPGA Golfer


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