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Professional Athlete Performance


Traditional strength and conditioning programs (sport specific) generally fail to be education-based, and/or scientifically valid. Dynamic Fitness Training Model (DFTS™) begins with a 1-3 hour comprehensive analysis, which may include static postural imaging, orthopedic assessment, core coordination/ strength assessment, dynamic movement assessment, biomotor assessment (BMA) as well as performance testing. This allows the specialist to design and implement an individualized program for their particular sport/ activity. Using the DFTS™ model along with cutting edge techniques to progress the athlete through a base conditioning, strength, and power template allows the performance enhancement specialist to assist the athlete in their heavy pursuit to becoming the very best athlete they can be.

Program Focus includes:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation – orthopedic assessment, flexibility testing using inclinometry/ goniometry
  • Core Strength and Control Variable Testing
  • Static Postural Imaging
  • Dynamic Movement Assessment
  • Performance Testing – specific to sport and position
  • Biomotor Ability Evaluation
  • Metabolic testing (RMR/ VO2) if necessary


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